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End of 2013 : Part 1

Ok, so it’s 2014 and were back to this awful cold weather. Iv barely touched the trials bike in weeks and instead have been keeping myself entertained at indoor skateparks, keep the juices flowing until it starts to warm back up.
2013 was an amazing year for me, I got the opportunity to film a lot of good riders, ride shows up and down the country and travel to some of the most amazing riding locations. Trials is all about the ‘lifestyle’ for me. I love the scenery, locations, travelling, meeting people, having adventures and 2013 was one of the best for all those things.

The Site

I havent really found the time to make in to the website I wanted it to be. Last year was very busy and as much fun as it was


Prattley on a fancy dress Hull ride

I just could not find the time to work, ride, make videos and also update the site. I also recently found out i’m going to be a dad in the summer so i’l have a little ‘World Champ to be’ to take care of too so I wont be riding as much (if at all sometimes)!!

So…… I’ve gone for more of a blog, hopefully it will make it easier for me to update. It’s fairly no frills as you can see but it’s easy to read (even on mobile) and more of a blog i can update day by day.

End of 2013 : Part 1

Ok, so it’s not strictly 2013, its more from last winter until this winter but basically I wanted to make a video to recap the whole year,


Joseph Prattley – London

crashes, bits that didn’t make the edit, edits i never made and some funnies. I didn’t realise how much footage I had (I’m touching 2TB this year) but as i started to arrange some clips i realised i couldn’t put my heart and soul in to an edit, there is just too much!!! I decided to cut the segments up and upload them as they are finished because it would be weeks before i could get a full edit out.


Part 1


Jack Carthy keeping warm before an indoor ride

Part 1 isn’t the most exciting, just clips from last winter up to the end of February riding with Joseph Prattley, Jack Carthy, Oliver Battye, James Hyland, Adam Baxter, Ian Drummond, Alec Wray

and myself. There’s some stuff from Jack’s indoor spot and a few clips that made it on to facebook chucked in there.

Enjoy and stay tuned for Part 2 : K-124 Days and Malaga

Alex – Trial’N'Error

End of 2013 : Part 1 from Trial’N'Error on Vimeo.


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