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Winter Blues

Don’t deny it, we all have it, those dreaded winter blues. Trials has such a contrasting summer to it’s winter but don’t let that keep you off the bike ….whatever that bike may be!

A couple of winters back I ended up locking my trials bike away from the start of November right through to mid March, a couple of weeks before our annual k-124 days trip! I felt fresh when back on the bike but it was almost like starting again, I Just couldn’t remember how to do things and lacked confidence.

Last winter I decided to avoid this by riding right through winter, as much as I do in summer. It was great. I got stronger and fitter and my technique was consistent for the most part of my riding, a massive improvement to say the least. But it did have its drawbacks….

By mid summer my body knew it had ridden a little too much and my motivation and inspiration were both lacking. So this year I decided to try something new (get your boos ready)…..BMX

Iv got to say, iv never been a massive fan of bmx, I always thought bmxers were nuts. Yes I had respect for what the guys do but I just never really liked the scene. I also always thought it was a lot harder than it is, didn’t think I’d ever be able to do anything. I suppose you just don’t know what you don’t try!


Joe at Rush Skatepark, Gloucestershire

I’ve got to give credit to Joseph Prattley, we ride all kinds of bikes together and he invited me to RKade skatepark on his Inspired Fourplay whilst he rode an NSBikes 24″. I hated it! And everything seemed a lot easier on the NS. So I bought one…then realised it wasn’t the best bike for my tiny local skatepark and quickly bought a cheap bmx.


I got used to it surprisingly quickly and decided to go all out and buy myself a shiny brand new one. Joe Poyzer from Onza hooked me up with a bike made by Onza’s sister company Social Bike Co. I love it and it’s been keeping me entertained up and down the country at various skateparks.


But….it’s not just me! It’s like a virus, and its spreading. Jack Carthy has been tagging along and now goes frequently with other local trials riders! I’ve also managed to coax another 4 of my trials riding friends to buy BMX’s and ride indoor.


Jack and Ross prep their bikes!


A few people have picked up on this namely MAD rider Nick Manning who has gone as far as to organise THIS group ride at Adrenaline Alley, Corby. Great work Nick.


My shins are really feeling it now!

It will all be short lived though as the weather will hopefully be getting better soon. I’m starting to get excited about summer riding already and my body has almost had enough hard knocks to keep me off of the steel beast and on something else!


Foam pit practise

And to top it off a great winter i have just booked some last minute flights to europe to film a video…’s going to be a good ‘en!



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