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Joseph Prattley – PARKS

18 Months ago I was out filming with Jack Carthy on a group ride in Leeds. Another rider caught my eye, I had heard his name thrown around a little bit online and at Radfest but i had never seen him ride. That rider was Joe Prattley, the cheeky North Yorkshire lad that we’ve all come to know for his ballsy street riding and ability to humiliate you on your own bike. I arranged with Joe to go out filming and we made the GENESIS video in a couple of days.

Since then Ive ridden with Joe every week since and spent many an hour on the phone chatting bikes, filming and everything in between. Towards the back of 2013 we spent time not only riding trials but mountain bikes and bmx and it was clear Joe isn’t just a good trials rider.


When the cold weather pushed us indoors we decided to make a real adventure of the winter and we rode skateparks up and down the country, wetting our palettes with each, looking for new, fun interesting things to ride.

I brought the camera along to each park but didn’t always get it out because we were having such a hoot. I got a few clips at each and started to piece together a video.


The parks we rode were :-

Adrenaline Alley, Corby
Rush, Gloucestershire
360 Richmond, Richmond
The Works, Leeds
Mags on Ramps, Halifax
Rampworks, Liverpool
Beast Ramps, Manchester
RKade, Redcar
The Asylum, Huthwaite
The Arc, Preston

I really like how the video turned out but it really doesn’t do the lad justice. I just hope everyone can appreciate it. Now back to trials for the summer!!

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