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Barcelona 2014

With the lack of a K-124 Days following the demise of Koxx last year there was a gap in my riding calendar. For the last 3 years and in years gone by we have loaded the car up and had a few days away enjoying the slightly higher temperatures and amazing terrain in Buthiers and La Tour de Scay. We spoke about alternatives and the decision was made to go to Barcelona….Carless!

Myself and Joe booked 5 days to try make a video. It didn’t go well. 2.5 of the 5 days were like a monsoon and we were either stranded at the hotel or walking around checking the sights in sodden clothes. Not to mention I had a bit of a problem with my feet following a 10 mile spot scoping effort on the first day. Walking was agonising, riding was just about bearable!

I personally felt that Barcelona was a bit vast to be on a trials bike. The underground network is good and easy enough with bikes but riding spots are spaced miles apart and with no prior knowledge we spent a hell of a lot of time just riding around. Most of the well known locations are quite close together which is a bit of a bonus.


We spent half a day at Sabadell Trials Park which is a really nice park. Not the biggest but some nice bits and definitely more my kind of thing as opposed to the street. I wanted to check out the stuff at La Pomma too but the weather just didnt allow it!


All in all we came back a little disappointed, the riding was par and the epic trekking about made it hard work. If you want to do this trip i seriosuly advise doing your homework first, working out where to stay and where the riding is. Barcelona is a beautiful city wether you’re on a bike or not so you wont run out of things to do. We spent a lot of time just drinking starbucks, checking the architecture and RELAXING.

Without further ado :-

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